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How to treat E. coli in the urine during pregnancy? Recommendations

Webice.Ru - social network for bloggers 30.07.2020 at 12:51

Webice.Ru - social network for bloggers

The pregnant woman's Body undergoes physiological stress, which leads to a decrease of its protective forces. This creates favorable conditions for the penetration and propagation of pathogenic microorganisms. Analysis of the cultures of the expectant mother may show the presence in urine of Escherichia coli. This condition is a threat to the woman and her baby in the womb. To prevent the development of pathological and irreversible processes will help timely treatment of E. coli in the urine during pregnancy, if ignored, can lead to various skin diseases and even cause premature birth. To be fully prepared, you should familiarize yourself with the reasons for the emergence of harmful bacteria in the body...