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The rebellion in the United States : the first train derailed - all - popular 30.07.2020 at 19:45 New 80 years on the Internet

On the Morning of July 29, around 6 p.m. local time in Arizona derailed and caught fire a freight train passing on the bridge over the lake Tempe town in the suburbs of Phoenix, the state capital:

according to local media, in the result of incident anybody seriously has not suffered, and drove the train drivers escaped only by poisoning from smoke inhalation.

the representative of the Union Pacific Railroad company, which owned the train – told the press that the cars were mostly lumber and tanks, the contents of which do not pose a threat.

the Train, as footage from the scene, burned. The bridge on which he was moving, partially destroyed and, at first glance, we are talking about the ordinary man-made disaster. However, on the subject of disaster, there are very serious doubts:

This is a screen from the report of TV company who filmed the scene from a helicopter:

noteworthy linear uniform combustion along the entire length of the train, as though someone had poured on the railroad tracks gasoline and arson. Trains don't burn:

In the video above captured the disaster in North Dakota, which occurred in late 2013th year. There a derailed train carrying crude oil, which burns much better than wood. But, as you can see from these shots – the spilled oil has not broke out the ribbon and the train burning fireplaces.

the Train, burning in Arizona, too, something transported in tanks. If it was gasoline from the flame and immediately everything exploded and blew a piece of the bridge to shreds, so gasoline wasn't there definitely. And if there wasn't something more fuel than the crude oil that the train could catch fire all at once.

However, the train's that way: evenly, from the first to the last car that leaves no doubt – the train was set on fire. More precisely – someone along the bridge poured between the rails on some combustible substance, and then hurt at the end of the bridge rail journey. The train stopped and from the first spark of the railroad caught fire, like spilled on the asphalt streaks of gasoline. In other words it was a diversion because the question arises: who is behind it?

Obviously and most likely it is the handiwork of rebellious now criminals in the United States, which has long threatened to start doing something like that, but how to react to this power is unclear. On the one hand you can quickly investigate the case and is indicative to punish the arsonists – so that other then many times thought before to go to work.

on the other hand, since Trump oppose not only the muggers, but also professionals – the threat of punishment will not stop and the train will go downhill more and more, can even begin to drop the aircraft to force trump's tough response and then declare him a Pinochet or something like that. Therefore, Washington can pretend that nothing happened.

most Likely there will do so because the lack of a strong reaction is now the most correct tactics: there will be no reaction – it makes no sense to arrange the incidents. Before the election, there is little time left and then it will be possible to deal with bullies, and with professional organizers of revolutions, and, most importantly, with those who pay for it all salary. However, which path the administration of tramp – tramp only knows, so watch out for developments.

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