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In Poland, the vandals stole and decapitated the statue of the Marshal's

Full tape of POLIT.RU 31.07.2020 at 04:30

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In the Polish city of Legnica vandals stole and decapitated the statue of Marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky, the information portal

the Sculpture Rokossovsky weighing about 600 kg were installed at the cemetery of the red army and was part of the exhibition of legnickiego copper Museum. She went missing on the night of July 30. Day, the Museum staff told police that a beheaded sculpture discovered in a field on Sitnicki street.

currently the police are looking for vandals. The investigators find out how the figure appeared in the field. A search for other elements of the sculpture.

Konstantin Rokossovskiy was born in 1896 in Warsaw. In the Russian army participated in the First world war. In 1917 he moved to join the Red guard, then into the Red army.

Rokossovsky considered one of the outstanding generals of the Second world war. He twice hero of the Soviet Union, the gentleman of an award "Victory" (1945). It is unique in the history of the USSR Marshal of two countries: Marshal of the Soviet Union (1944) Marshal of Poland (1949). From 1949 to 1956, Rokossovsky was Minister of defence of Poland. In 1956 he returned to the Soviet Union and during the year he held the position of Deputy Minister of defense of the USSR. Died in 1968 in Moscow.