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Good show, and interesting startups

Only crocodiles will save this country from assholes! 31.07.2020 at 18:21

Only crocodiles will save this country from assholes! -

A Week ago in the Moscow garden "Hermitage" opened the exhibition "Startup as art". It was organized by the "Digital business space" and "Moscow production center" with the support of the Department of culture and Department of business and innovation development city of Moscow.

As usual, something weird has discovered disenar Konstantin Konovalov. This is the work of "July startup" Moscow artist Pavel Polyansky, who is exhibiting in the gallery Gallery Askeri.

Photo: @CKonovalov

Moscow, the heat, the laptop on your thigh you startapery – everything is clear. All were quite surprised by the presence in the composition of the man with the cake, but you never know... Paul is an artist, he sees.

But then people found a source of inspiration of Paul. Girl startups poster turned out to be a Nude model. And in this there would be nothing wrong if her photo was not so carefully copypasta this masterpiece of modern art.

These are our startups, that's art.