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Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 19041.423

MicrosoftPortal.NET – Novosti Windows 10 Mobile Windows 10, office 2016 01.08.2020 at 00:20 New

MicrosoftPortal.NET – Novosti Windows 10 Mobile Windows 10, office 2016

Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 19041.423.

Here is the list of fixes:

• fixed problem that prevented use of sharing in Microsoft Office. This happens when an enabled conditional access;

• fixed problem that occurred when a third-party app to download the hidden tabs in the Internet Options;

• fixed a problem in Microsoft IE Edge mode, which occurred when multiple documents are opened from a SharePoint site;

• fixed a problem in Microsoft IE Edge mode, which appeared when viewed with anchor links;

• fixed problem with insert mixed content of images and text from Microsoft Word into Internet Explorer;

• fixed problem that which Microsoft browsers would incorrectly bypass the proxy server;

• fixed problem in Windows Push Notification services (WNS), which does not allow to choose the interface of the virtual private network (VPN) for outbound connections. As a result, when you use a force tunneling has lost communication with WNS;

• fixed a problem where a magnifier might stop working in Microsoft Excel in some scenarios. As a result, Microsoft Excel could also stop working;

• fixed problem that did not allow you to install some. msi application. This happened when the device was controlled by a group policy that redirect the AppData folder to a network location;

• fixed problem where the contents of the high dynamic range (HDR) 4K could be darker than expected, when setting up some systems that don't support HDR for streaming HDR;

• fixed problem where a new child window flickered and displayed as white squares on the server devices configured for a sharp visual contrast;

• fixed problem that which page of the Settings app to close unexpectedly, which prevented the correct setup of the default application;

• fixed problem where all open apps Universal Windows Platform (UWP) to close unexpectedly. It occurred when the installer called the restart Manager to restart Windows Explorer (explorer.exe);

• fixed an issue where the Windows 8.1 app is not projected onto the secondary display when the application used the API StartProjectingAsync;

• fixed a problem that interfered with work functions, family safety, such as time limits and activity reports, on the ARM64 devices;

• fixed problem with preview .msg files in Explorer, when running a 64-bit version of Microsoft Outlook;

• fixed problem that resulted in an error stop the kernel_security_check_failure (139) when you resume Windows from sleep mode and the inclusion of some Bluetooth headsets;

• fixed problem that could prevent some utilities reset display driver correctly re-install the same driver in the system;

• fixed problem with reliability WDF01000.sys;

• fixed problem that caused memory leaks when the application has called the function CryptCATAdminCalcHashFromFileHandle (). Memory leak restored when the application is closed;

• Improved support for paths to files that are not related to ASCII, Microsoft Defender for Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Auto Incident Response (IR);

• fixed problem where some PCs could not automatically go into sleep mode under certain circumstances due to Microsoft Defender ATP Auto IR;

• fixed problem that prevented some PC to successfully run Microsoft Defender ATP Threat & Vulnerability Management;

• fixed problem that which did not allow Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to use the exclude file in some cases, lead to application compatibility issues;

• fixed a problem in Microsoft Defender ATP where some PCs did not report installed applications in Threat & Vulnerability Management;

• fixed problem that led to the failure of the automatic analysis in Microsoft Defender ATP;

• Improve the ability of Microsoft Defender ATP to identify steps to introduce malicious code;

• fixed problem that which some applications could not print to a network printer;

• fixed a problem where the printer could be a hidden device in device Manager after the reboot;

• fixed a problem where the print management console could display script errors if checked, Extended View;

• fixed problem that caused printing to fail in certain scenarios;

• fixed problem that which could prevent the device from connecting to Windows 10 for the Internet when using LTE wireless WAN (WWAN). However, the indicator of the network connectivity status (NCSI) in the notification area could still indicate that you are connected to the Internet;

• fixed problem that could prevent the Internet connection on some cellular modems after upgrading to Windows 10 version 2004;

• fixed an issue where the telephony application lost the first four digits;

• fixed problem with bit maps the parity in the memory that moths cause problems with the integrity of the data in Parity Storage Spaces;

• fixed problem that which prevented the creation of a storage pool, use the Manage Storage Spaces in control panel;

• fixed problem that could lead to the termination of the Microsoft Remote Assistance (msra.exe) when the user received help during a session of computer work. Error 0xc0000005 or 0xc0000409;

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