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Doctors told how to give up meat

Women's portal Buduar.Info 03.08.2020 at 04:57

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It is better to not do sharply.

those who are ethical or religious beliefs are not allowed to eat meat from animals that have all chances to get the necessary nutrients from other foods of animal and vegetable origin.

But in this case the contents of the dish need to be given special attention, emphasizes Les SAC, a nutritionist, a medical psychologist. In particular, consider the following.

garnish the steak is not a replacement. A conscious rejection of meat dishes often entails the consumption of more carbohydrates in turn leads to excessive body weight. Especially when carbohydrates appear on the table in the "simple" form as pasta, milled rice, starchy potatoes.

Not all protein is good. Soy has traditionally been positioned as one of the best replacements for meat, and some justification for it. Although the products from the soy substrate and inferior meat for the diversity of amino acid composition, they are one of the most complete sources of vegetable proteins. And here is the "but."

In our latitudes soy is not refers to the so-called "genetic products," that is, those that were used with the great-great-grandfather, and which have inherited adapted digestive system. This increases the risks of individual negative reactions to the product. Also caution causes the high content of soy phytoestrogens (plant compounds resembling the action of female sex hormones).

though a definite answer on whether they are "embedded" in the functioning of the hormonal system yet, soy dishes should not be the basis of the diet. At least because in the rejection of meat is of particular importance regular alternation of different products.

you can Cook for the whole week will not work. In order to obtain all the essential amino acids contained in the piece of meat (or fish, for example, if we are talking about the period of fasting), it is not enough to eat any one of products, rich in vegetable proteins. Grains, nuts, beans during each of the meals should be consumed additional.

Fats – not always enemies. Common reason for giving up meat, especially fatty varieties, is high content in the product is saturated fat. This is partly correct, given that these fats provocateurs elevated levels of "bad" cholesterol, usually appear on the everyday menu in excessive amounts.

But not so easy with the saturated fats: studies have shown that their chronic shortage leads to decreased production of steroid hormones and other health problems. And another possible plot: the brain is a big admirer of fat, gives the body to produce building material cholesterol accelerated pace, and its level increases as "good" and "bad".

in addition, it should be borne in mind that when a radical rejection of fat reduces the amount of nutrients necessary for their digestion. And then the benefits are not only saturated but also unsaturated fats that are already routinely positioned as useful.

so, those who consistently adheres to strict vegetarianism, including refusal of fish, you should pay attention to the coconut and palm oil, rich in saturated fatty acids.

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