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"Salt porridge on its own". The psychologist told us how to respond to insensitive and rude people

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Watched on YouTube a video on how to double knit elastic spokes. Pretty woman in knitted jacket, beautiful Wallpaper in the English style, green velvet curtains, framed photos, a flower in a ceramic pot, a pleasant voice, facial loops, purl, the sound of spokes. Seemingly more innocent and pleasant picture to think hard. But even this woman has critics. Spokes holds not, the flower is not there, jacket, old-fashioned, tacky Wallpaper. I am always amazed question: "But you only good you can write?" I promised my mom, so keep. But I really want to answer: "Yes, that's right, I can write only good things. Because you are not my doctor who I have to say that with me something not so, not my husband, not my parents, not my therapist, not my editor and not my teacher of the Russian language, and also because I didn't ask you". 5 years ago, when we still lived in a village house, we made repairs in the hallway, and laid tile. Invited friends to a housewarming party. One of my girlfriends arrived with her Beau. And here it is on my new tile that I personally love and it seems perfect, and asks: "What kind of moron you put tile?" And the tile laid by my husband.