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#dangerprone. Savings account vs. investment: what's easier, and cheaper? themes of the day 03.08.2020 at 21:00

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Savings account thanks to its flexible conditions are the Russians becoming increasingly popular. Understand how they differ from the deposits and the conditions on these products today, you can count on.

According to the Bank of Russia, investors get rid of long, more than a year of deposits in rubles. Customer funds flow partly from deposits to savings accounts. This is due to the fact that due to the unstable economic situation made people feel better to keep money in constant access, while the contributions of such opportunities often not.

at the same time rates on deposits and savings accounts today are almost equal. The weighted average rate on ruble deposits up to one year now stands at 4.05% per annum. Interest rates on savings accounts are around the same range, and some banks may even be slightly higher.

Understand the difference between these financial instruments.

the Main differences

And contribution, and a savings account tuned to the deposited money and income. The money on Deposit, and savings account are insured ASV amounting to 1,4 million roubles. Thus between these tools, there are some fundamental differences.


an Important distinction of the Deposit in the interest rate, which is known in advance for the whole period of its validity. On the savings account, the Bank may change the rate at any time unilaterally.


savings account can always be replenished. For deposits of such opportunities often do not. And if it is a replenishable Deposit, then bet on it is usually lower than that of traditional deposits.


If you prematurely withdraw money from the Deposit, the client either will not receive the accrued interest, or get them at a reduced rate. The savings account interest withdrawals of funds are usually practically do not burn. Bank deposits with possibility of partial withdrawal of funds often have a lower rate. Also deposits provides a minimum balance in savings accounts its usually not.

the Purpose

Contribution suitable for long-term goals for a period of one year — for example, if you save up for the purchase of real estate. A savings account suitable for more short-term goals, less than a year. For example, it may be the accumulation of vacation.

Personal experience. Is it possible to replace the contribution of the savings account?

Igor D. from Moscow enjoys savings accounts for several years. First it was the Bank account "the Messenger" (stripped of his license in 2015), who became a pioneer in this segment.

In 2012, Igor became a client of Tinkoff Bank. When this Bank appeared a similar product, he also began to use it. Interest is accrued on the average monthly amount in the account. The Bank rate on such savings account is 4%. Compared to savings accounts in major state-owned banks, this rate is slightly higher.

Igor does not like to "freeze" the money on Deposit therefore, such a storage format of media suits it. Money it is often right at any time and in unexpected volume, therefore, the savings account, he keeps the amount of one million rubles and more. However, if it appears the amount it has guaranteed not to use in the next year or two, he periodically chooses a classic Bank Deposit. The main reason for deposits you can find rates higher than savings accounts.

Since last year, Igor keeps the money in the savings contribution of Gazprombank. It has no differences from a savings account, only a minimum balance of 15 000 rubles. The rate is 3.7%. As a major Bank, in this Igor is stored more than a million rubles. On account of Tinkoff Bank, a few hundred thousand rubles.

the Experience of using a savings account Igor was and Alfa-Bank. However, the system of accrual of income it is more difficult. The rate increases as finding money in the account. That is, the first three months, she may be one, even after some time increases, and then increases again only after 12 months becomes maximum. If you withdraw money from the account, and then again to replenish it, this calculation starts from zero. Interest is charged on the minimum amount that was on account within calendar month. If 29 days you have in the account was 100 000 rubles, and the last day of the month was 1,000, then the interest will be charged 1 000.

In the end, the main convenience of the savings account for Igor is the ability to Deposit and withdraw money, many times without restrictions. Most importantly, he believes, to ensure that the percentage charged is transparent.

offered by banks

Banks.Roo studied the offers on the market and found out where today it is possible to open a savings account with high stakes.

For existing customers with average monthly balance for June 2020 not less than 150 000 rubles Citibank offers to open a savings account at the rate of 5% per annum in rubles and up to 0.01% in U.S. dollars. The account can only hold a maximum of 400 000 rubles.

At Loko-Bank has a savings account Promo for new customers with a rate of 4.85% on the balance in rubles and 0.5% — in foreign currency. On this account you can store up to 15 000 000 rubles. Interest is calculated daily.

How to choose a savings account

When choosing a savings account should pay attention to the interest rate and the conditions for its calculation. On the value of the bet can affect the following:

· the amount of time the funds in the account;

· the amount that is in the account;

· the size of the expenditure on the card tied to a savings account.

in addition, the accounts are often opened in addition to other banking products, which also can have value.

the Conclusion: if you want to be able to freely dispose of the money at any time to have access to them, you will accept a savings account. If you want to fix the rate for a long period, you will accept the contribution.

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