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The Analysis Of Banking keyboard for messengers: how it works themes of the day 04.08.2020 at 08:52

Banking and financial news on the website tested first on the Russian market of banking virtual keyboard for smartphones based on iOS. Understand the advantages and disadvantages.

the Bank "OTKRITIE" announced the launch of the first on the Russian market of virtual keyboard OpenKey with integrated banking for smartphones. The service allows you to send money, check balances and pay for mobile connection from any social networks or email without entering in to the mobile Bank.

For the Russian market of integrated banking keyboard can be called a novelty, although "Discovery" was not the first to notice the functionality and convenience of instant messengers and social networks for financial transactions. Even in 2015, "Tinkoff" has released a messenger with the function of transferring money from one card to MoneyTalk, and in 2016-m in the Russian market there was the first Bank-bot without apps, call centers and offices TalkBank.

In the world there are many examples of the integration of payment systems with social networks. In the United States and other countries that Pay Facebook in China — WeChat Pay, in Brazil and India — WhatsApp Pay, in Russia — VK Pay. In 2017, the function of translation in the messenger also implemented Apple Pay. American iPhone and iPad users can send and receive money via iMessage using the Apple Cash. However, the feature is only available in the official Apple service messages, and in Russia, the service is still not working.

In this sense, the "Discovery" went even further — integrated banking operations in the virtual keyboard so that it can be used in any messenger or social networking: WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, etc. the Only restriction: the service is available only for iOS devices.

How it works?

the editorial Staff of the one of the first tested a beta version of the keyboard. From today the keyboard is available on all devices with iOS 11 and above (i.e. all the iPhones since the 5s model), where app is installed "Open".

OpenKey downloaded and installed on the smartphone along with the mobile Bank "Opening". Those who have already installed the app, it will be enough to upgrade to the latest version. Then you will need to connect the keyboard in the phone settings under "third Party keyboards", this should allow OpenKey full access. After that, all features of the service will be available automatically in the keyboard in any messengers. In the "Discovery" claim that the Bank does not collect or use user data OpenKey.

so, using the virtual keyboard:

to view the card balance and transaction history;

you can send details of their accounts;

pay for mobile communication;

transfer money by phone number.

Translations by phone number through the keyboard to other clients of the Bank "Opening" are intra-as. Translations by phone number in other banks are carried out through the System of quick payments. For add it is necessary nothing — all users of mobile banking on iOS by default can send money through SBP.

When you transfer a phone number via OpenKey you can select the recipient's phone number from the contact list of the user's device, as with a normal use of the mobile app. On the screen to enter phone number, click on the contacts icon to the right of the entry field and select a contact from the list. Limits and tariffs for translation are absolutely identical to those that operate in the mobile app.

From the point of view of security and identification methods the keyboard works like a mobile app "Open". It is protected by a PIN code, Touch ID or Face ID, and to confirm the operation, you must enter the code from SMS.

Quick translation: OpenKey or mobile app?

to assess the convenience of the service, decided to conduct an experiment. For example, in the messenger you sent to the phone number that you want to do the translation. Will be faster to send money through a mobile application or through the keyboard?

the Translation via the keyboard, oddly enough, in this "sprint" was not the fastest. By phone number, the money failed to send in 35 seconds, the application took less than 5 seconds. The fact that to use OpenKey also need to be identified and enter the code-confirmation of SMS. And if the application code is inserted automatically on the keyboard to do it manually.

the Pros OpenKey

as for saving time for operations, here, the keyboard may not always win, but she definitely wins in terms of convenience. You can, for example, to talk on the phone, read messenger and then make a transfer directly from the keyboard.

No need to download any additional apps. You simply need to update mobile Bank and give permission in the settings.

the Keyboard works in any messenger.

the Cons OpenKey

Keyboard is not yet available on Android, and it's a big part of clients of "Open". According to the Bank, on iOS sits only 26% of mobile app users.

While the functionality of the keyboard is limited to the simplest operations. For example, for the payment of taxes and utility bills or loans still have to use the app.


OpenKey welcome addition to the mobile banking "Discoveries" that are available while a small portion of its customers.