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Quote #462296 06.08.2020 at 04:45

Book Runet

An old classmate of Mine moved to an apartment inherited from his grandfather, it's next door to my parents. Every conversation with my mom now definitely includes fresh information on the topic of "Recently met the wolf, and he...". Vovk powerfully bribegiver, so that "he" is often in the spirit of "sleeping on a bench at the entrance unbuttoned the pants" or is there "buy the vodka in the recipe and figured out what the cheapest".

Recently, my mother once told me something and sighs, saying that it is necessary, and when you went to school, I thought he was the big boss will be! Wonder why suddenly (preconditions were not, the boy has always been a dunce with a single " a " in physical education). And she says, "And he's wearing the jacket so looked good, not what the stake was!".

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