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"To make a profit and to live a normal life." As the correspondent gas traded themes of the day 06.08.2020 at 21:00

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"Gazprom allowed to sell gas. Now the national resources in your hands." Wow.

Inviting landing page, large inscription directly under the logo of the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation and, of course, itself "Gazprom". Quotes and a portrait of Chairman of Board Alexey Miller. Here is a calculator of future profits, form for registration and a video about the rich resources of our vast country and powerful positions one of the largest energy companies in the world.

"what about us? After all, Russia's resources belong to all inhabitants of the country. 3 November 2019 after long discussions in the State Duma adopted the law on the introduction of the draft mikronizirovanne in "Gazprom". Simply put, to give access to the earnings on the projects of "Gazprom" an ordinary citizen of Russia" — broadcast speaker from the video. He promised for every 150 invested of $ 220 by the end of the week and warned that participation in the project is restricted to the "production capacity "Gazprom". Still, earn 50% for the week who want to be typed with a half-Russian, there is no giant is not right — the anxiety of the gasifiers was natural. Even I'm a little worried.

Just below, right on the first page of the license as stated in the caption, PJSC "State platform Gazprom". However, in the license somehow meant that she provided to "Gazprom-invest", and to carry out activities of Forex dealer. And was that "Gazprom-invest" specified in the license coincided with was deprived of a license of a Forex dealer "Teletrade".

But to deal with all this I, of course, didn't have time. I was incredibly lucky: at the time of my arrival, according to the website, "free space" was only 13. "Awesome," I thought, and hurried to take his place in line for the gas filled in the feedback form and waited for the promised call from the consultant of the company "Gazprom".

"We are cooperating, of course, with Gazprom

But called me not the employee of "Gazprom" and some of Eugene "brokerage company Bid Broker Stocks". Eugene explained that his company trades on the stock, commodity and currency markets. In my frustrated question is, where is the promise of a staff of "Gazprom", Eugene said: "We are cooperating, of course, with "Gazprom". If you just got a call from the staff of "Gazprom", he would have not provided any information, it does not have an analytical framework, he does not sell. He's just engaged itself "Gazprom" in the company".

Information much not enough, so maybe I was lucky that the staff of "Gazprom" and has not been in contact. Well, it's time to export energy?

"up To 30% per month"

During the first disappointment was immediately followed by a second. To trade national property I will not give. It turns out that it was only on trade in actions "Gazprom".

— the Stock market is the safest, I suggest you to work on the stock, assured me Eugene.

He explained that the Bid Broker Stocks have a "project" with the company "Gazprom" to provide access to stocks last. But, if I want, I can trade anything, even oil or currency pairs.

Actually I thought we were going to press the Americans in the European gas market, but thought it was okay, the action "Gazprom" will also work. Moreover, according to Eugene, I can earn up to 30% per month. The Americans can wait.

"We as a brokerage company gives you access to the platform with minimum amounts"

— Wait, but I'm unable to trade the shares of "Gazprom" through any broker, isn't it? — I asked.

— Shares are traded on the international platform. You to get access to this platform, you need to have a minimum of 100 thousand dollars. We as a brokerage company gives you a release to that platform with minimal amounts. As legal entities.

— But I not a legal entity.

— in order to work independently you must be a legal entity and have at least 500 thousand dollars.

Wait, but it was 100 thousand dollars, I thought, but to clarify did not, Eugene went on the offensive:

— And now we give you access to both natural persons and with minimal amounts.

"Loss you can get only if you buy the shares of other companies"

As a prudent investor, I could not help but ask about its risks. According to Eugene, when trading in shares of "Gazprom" they are almost not there.

— Loss you can get only if you buy the shares of other companies. Shares of "Gazprom", if everything is done correctly — of course not.

What wonderful promotions, give two! It remains only to deal with this "do everything right".

"to profit and to live the same life"

In this lies the secret of success. To do the right thing on their own I can not, said Eugene. When to buy and sell, I will speak to the analyst assigned to me.

let's Say you bought the shares. Now, according to forecasts, the stock will grow, they will grow two weeks more. You buy at a low price, stocks are rising and then you sell them. Then the price drops again, and you again buy shares. You can sell the stock, take a step back, to profit and to live the same life — taught me Eugene difficult the tricks of the trade by actions "Gazprom".

Now all became on the places. Shares is a risky business, but I will be your personal analyst!

"If you don't involve more than 10% of the amount in your account, you will be able to withstand a correction"

How much should I pay money to try?

There's a certain technical minimum in the amount of $ 250. I'll explain why. The entire amount that you have on your account is not activated for safe trade. Because the market prices change several times a minute. If you are on your amount will open a trade, you just lose money. If you don't involve more than 10% of the amount in your account, you will be able to withstand a correction, explained Eugene.

About not to use more than 10% sounded somewhat vague. Perhaps Eugene talked about the fact that to enter a position necessary parts. Somewhere I read about it.

But wait. Personal analyst and $ 250? Isn't it too gorgeous?

the"Percentage of turnover"

— what Commission you charge for your services? just in case I asked. We know these brokers.

— Personally, we receive a percentage of the turnover. You when buy and sell shares, make a certain trade turnover, the company takes a Commission for this. As a rule, from 5% to 7% of your profits.

— So after all of the profits?

No, turnover.

the Trade? It seems that the case still smells like gas. Or not? I'm totally confused.

the Action is "frozen" at the level 182,69 ruble

tired of answering my questions, Eugene advised me to start to get acquainted with the platform. Well, with joy. In the personal Cabinet I don't found any information about his intelligence or about the rates. Strictly speaking, they did not have any documents. The trading platform is extremely stylish, with tickers, quotes. I began to study the changes in the share price "Gazprom". But 10 minutes later found that the graph doesn't change. The action is "frozen" at the level 182,69 of the ruble. Strange, because Eugene said that the price changes several times per minute.

the Passport account for communal and Bank statement

In the "Documents" section it was stated that, for trading I need to verify, according to the policy of KYC ("know your customer"). Had to upload a color copy of your passport and confirm the place of residence, submitting any document from the long list which among other things was a utility bill and proof of taxes.

— These documents are needed to confirm that a private office has a "living person," he assured me Eugene. — To us then has not been accused of money laundering through a fake personal documents, and other matters.

Photo card "for security"

During our conversation, Eugene repeatedly asked the cards what Bank and what payment system I will transfer the money, what operating system does my device. I wonder why the broker of that information? Apparently, its notorious policy of KYC.

To the card, which I will then withdraw money, Bid Broker Stocks showed particular interest. In the same section "Documents" required to attach a photo of the card on both sides. For "security" had to hide CVV code and all the digits except the first six and last four.

"U Visa interruptions"

Seeing that I would like to Deposit card Visa payment system, Eugene, it seems, felt some embarrassment. He said he will contact the Finance Department and get back to me on this issue.

A moment later, Eugene, really, again joined the conversation and said that Visa recently strong disruption associated with the update is "security". To verify this, my companion suggested to look at stock quotes of this company. They, according to him, the decline for several days. Nothing good is not promised. Conclusion — I want to map the "World" Mastercard.

well, hope I didn't lose — Mastercard I had.

"One simple reason"

so, with the platform and license it was clear from the documents and a map too. Was the last formality, literally trivia. Before having the money in the account, I asked Eugene to send me the contract. Just in case.

— Now I can't fold for one simple reason: you are not a client of the company, as it is an internal document, I can't send them to third parties, — said Eugene. How to cut.

this is my communication with the Bid Broker Stocks yet ended. When I left the site, it had 15 "free space". Probably, "Gazprom" during this time increased the "power".