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Story №8, August 08, 2020

A dozen new stories. Anecdotes from Russia. 07.08.2020 at 21:00

Jokes from Russia - the most funny jokes, stories, sayings and phrases, poems, cartoons, and other humor. Go from 8 November 1995. Compiler Dima Verner

Checks on the roads.

there would be No happiness, Yes the misfortune helped: the entire epidemic was I heightened threat of the transmission of the virus.

is Not common, but a regular danger of Contracting the disease and infect loved ones and forced to live in isolation, visiting family and grandchildren were cancelled until the moment when I, first, asymptomatic for two weeks, secondly, without contact with the virus patients, more than two weeks.

that has not happened since the epidemic began — and did not foresee the grandchildren were growing up, talking to me on Fastin — ersatz-communication, "sand — not a good substitute for oats" and grandchildren have to squeeze and breathe them, you yourself already know me...

Prospects to see family my daughter came when her family, including grandchildren, was exposed.

had it easy, even kukelis grandchildren one day.

Two weeks later, hope to see them.

the Weekend in the car and on the road.

that's a long drive to metropolis 140 miles.

the Road is very familiar, driven along.

There is a tradition to stop once, after driving 50 miles from home, on a cliff over the ocean.

the Place, I must say, beautiful, with vast expanses of wide and very deep Strait, with views of the Islands, the fresh ocean breeze and frequent encounters with wildlife: sea lions, seals, dolphins and even whales during the migration — there is enough


Off the highway, Park it, go out air to breathe, it should be noted — is excellent: fresh, already crisp salty air with the smell of seaweed.

Listened to muffled by the height of the surf, looked at the ocean, this time empty except for the birds, you can go further.

Drives a cyclist to rest, high wiry around to see — a good man, and I immediately enlisted in the moose.

And experienced — Bicycle trailers, sensibly loaded, all fitted and adjusted — felt experience.

I was wrong. Said Hello, introduced myself, talked a man traveled to Europe, China, most of the States.

Asked where he keeps the way?

the Iconic route 66 room, the famous legends and songs.

And then home?

Smiled, no, I'm unlikely to go, I'll pedal until I can.

Intrigued, the eternal drifter, a nomad, a guy like johnny, in my world exotic.

the Story, however, was not fun...

a Bitter irony — but it was his excellent physical shape athlete failed him... prostate cancer, terminal, metastasized to bones, brain, lungs.

a Curable cancer, he was diagnosed too late, to some extent, the fault was his indestructible health, compensate for the symptoms of trouble.

the Cancer has been so neglected and widespread, his doctor, and he sat down to decide whether or not to treat?

Prolong life, worsen its quality is very harsh treatment?

Or not?

johnny reasoned that the quality of life is more important than quantity, quit my job, sold my beamer, as unnecessary, ( after a couple of epileptic seizures right he took) and took to the road, with faith in the pedals of the Bicycle ...

"Mike, as long as I twist, I live..."

Silently shook his hand, asked hurt whether it is my support?

will Not hurt.

Taking from his wallet some cash that was with him gave — he was delighted and decided to spend the night at the Motel and to wash clothes.

I went first, with one thought: "God bless you, johnny! Light your way... and, most importantly, easy last stop!"

the Epilogue.

Shared with her daughter, she's a nurse, history. Wonder, by the way.

And may not be in vain.

Her response?

" Daddy, when's the last time you went for a prostate exam?

Everything happens for a reason — go and check out!

And tell her there, because you have a lot of older men...

you Promise?"


have an appointment next week.

And shared — and here and there, vsyudu.@Michael Ashnin

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