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RFI Bank embarked on the development of startups, despite the crisis press releases 10.08.2020 at 12:01

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Several new services are possible today.

"After the release from quarantine of holiday of RFI, the Bank started active development of new projects in the field of e-Commerce. The Bank launched a unique service for non-cash payment-in service for obtaining digital maps, together with Tele2 and Cardsmobile, as well as several projects in cooperation with public services, such as funding your card, pay fines, utilities, etc.

Running podkarantinnoy period of several ambitious strategic projects, we demonstrate our confidence in the economic future of their startups. Having studied the latest research in the field of sociology and the financial sector, our analysts came to the conclusion that RFI has opportunities and assets to begin work on innovative cases in the field of e-Commerce", — said the Chairman of the Board of RFI Bank Kosynkin Yuri.

Partnership project "Payment card on the plane" became popular among the customers Air Azur, who appreciated the convenience of paying for goods on the plane with a credit card. During the flight, all committed on Board operations are accumulated in the POS terminal. When planting, at the first appearance of the network, there is an immediate implementation of all operations that were done offline. The structure of the service resembles a deferred payment. The first airline partner of RFI, the Bank became Air Azur.

it is Also dynamic was the start of a joint with Tele2 and Cardsmobile of the project "Digital wallet" that allows you to quickly get a digital card instead of aging the plastic and pay for purchases with smartphone one-touch with maximum safety. In this project, RFI acts as the Issuer of the digital licenzirovanie card.

"as soon As our designs started to gain popularity in RFI Bank was sent to several allegations. We began to blame the use of another processing, the cooperation with Wirecard, in some non-existent operations. Was initiated by antikamnia the application Telegram — adds Yuri. — To us such artificial negativity poured so intense only in relation to tops market, such as "Tinkoff" and the Bank "Point". We open recall on the monitoring of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which was held safely for us and confirmed that we work exclusively in the legal field. Our assets are growing, and new projects are profitable. All of my colleagues suggest closer study of the e-Commerce sector, because it is the future."

Now in the portfolio of the RFI about 12 both innovative and standard online projects that the Bank has decided to launch, despite the ailing economy. According to the conclusions of analysts of RFI projects in the sector of e-Commerce will be liquid at least 64%.