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Cameras with color film associated in Russia with the "nineties". Worldwide, they appeared much earlier

Reviews and tests on 11.08.2020 at 08:53

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11 August 1926, Kodak started work on the creation of color film.The first attempts to make the picture in color movie was made soon after the invention of cinematography. It is known that Thomas Edison, in 1895, applied manual coloring of the film with aniline dyes. Of course, this technology was very time consuming, but such films were popular with viewers, still, after all, there was only black-and-white movie. In 1908, the popular three-color film, when the film was shot in three different films in three different light filter. And only 9 years after the beginning of works on creation of full-color film, Kodak in 1935 introduced the pay Eastmancolor film, which was intended for Amateur 16 mm cameras. A year later there were 8 and 35mm varieties called Kodachrome. The quality of the color, these multi-layer films, unfortunately, inferior tripleanal technology that was used until the mid 50-ies, even though he was complicated and expensive. After this time the movie starts the competition with television, which takes the audience in cinemas, and this event significantly affects the distribution of color film.