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Story number 1 for August 11, 2020

A dozen new stories. Anecdotes from Russia. 10.08.2020 at 21:00

Jokes from Russia - the most funny jokes, stories, sayings and phrases, poems, cartoons, and other humor. Go from 8 November 1995. Compiler Dima Verner

A veteran of the sea.

It was a very tired ship. Its masts, derricks and the body itself seemed to say, "I'm old! Why do I continue to torture and forced to crawl from one port to another?!"

In the vehicle, despite the impact of numerous repairs and upgrades, you can still guess the original silhouette of the legendary "liberty" - the mass transport during the Second world war. The American shipyard has done these ships an incredible amount, bringing total production of all types of vessels up to three units per day by the middle of the war. Quality hastily made ships was disgusting, especially in the early series. In essence, the ship type liberty, officially designed for five years of operation was one-off and pays for its construction in the first flight across the Atlantic, delivering its "lend-lease" aid from America to Europe.

all The more surprising to find a similar historical instance in a remote Caribbean port at the turn of the twentieth century.

to match its ship was his captain-mechanic: subsidiaries tanned skinny man early retirement age in shorts, souvenir captain's hat and flip-flops on "bare feet". He introduced himself as Victor and told us his story.

In the distant eighty-some year Victor was a mechanic on that Soviet ship. Incipient capitalism in Russia picked up an old steamer and threw it together with the team in the hands of a new owner from Greece. Gradually the crew on the ship was changing, becoming more and more international. Victor as the only remaining specialist in-depth knowledge of the device rare vessel, the new owner never wanted to let go.

as soon As the last remaining Russian sailor was trying to get in touch on shore, he immediately increased the salary by half and he stayed on the boat for another six months. The ship changed ownership and the country of registration and port of registry, but not the mechanics. At some point, Victor realized that Leningrad has long been St. Petersburg, but at home no one is waiting. Wife divorced him, his daughter grew up and jumped marry an Italian.

Without regular docking and overhaul of the once proud liberty rapidly deteriorated and it stopped to let: first decent ports, and then almost all the rest.

domestic flights to the Caribbean not as lucrative as the TRANS-Atlantic, so that the next owner, realizing the indispensability of their ship engineer, decided not to pay that salary, and took in, making his partner.

Received the rights of the owner Victor cut another costly job on the ship – captain, and, placing these responsibilities on themselves, moved to his quarters. "Good," he added to his story: "in civilized ports to come, we will not have, and in these tropical backyard where we "cabotagem", local authorities do not have the habit to thoroughly winnow the ship's documents."

having finished his tale, the old sailor took from his pocket a bunch of keys and showing them, said, "It's the keys to my apartment on Petrogradka. Don't know what it is now." Then, with a heavy sigh, asked: "do you think I ever go back?"

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