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How to choose a toilet: attached or suspended?

Classic bowls "on the leg" are rare in modern interiors. Designers choose a suspension setup, or auxiliary model with a wide base. They look better and provide easier cleaning the floor, which is very important for the hygiene of the bathroom. Current collection pendant, attached toilets, see the following link is the online store SanTechShara, where the plumbing leading European manufacturers.

what is the feature extra toilets?

They appeared before outboard installation. Kitchen bowl steel alternative models on the leg that was connected to the sewer through the corrugated tube. Bowls were set at a distance of 20-30 cm from the wall, leaving behind space for bacteria. Clean the floor behind the toilet was almost impossible, because MOP not enough space, and hand hard to reach. These problems disappeared when there were toilets that were installed close to the wall.

There are two types of side vials:

With the external tank. Such models are rare in design projects because it visually absorb space. However, they are considered to be more practical, since all communications are on the outside. They are easy to maintain and repair, it does not need to disassemble the tiles.

With cistern concealed installation. This is a stylish variation of outdoor bowls, communications and the reservoir which is hidden in the wall. The user sees only the Cup and uncluttered flush button.

The particular wall-mounted toilet?

Hanging plumbing consists of two elements: an outer bowl and frame to which it is attached. The latter is mounted in a special unit or a niche in the wall. The bowl is not touching the ground, but rests exclusively on the frame. Under it there is enough space to easily get a MOP and clean the floor. Therefore, these models are considered the most hygienic. Most designers choose hanging the plumbing, because it has a modern look and fits perfectly in a minimalist interior.

Hanging bowls look great in large and small spaces. They are fixed on a special frame or metal blocks. If the bathroom solid concrete or brick wall, it is sufficient a metal frame on which is mounted the bowl, the tank and all communications. For partitions and thin walls are special blocks that is additionally based on gender. Anyway, the user gets a wall-hung toilet, which looks extremely laconic, however, withstand the weight of 300-400 kg.

Mounted plumbing and furniture is the best choice for small bathrooms. Visually they take up little space and make it easier to keep clean in the bathroom. The fact that the reservoir and communications are in the wall, complicates the repair process, if needed. However, the issue and set the water in the tank runs silently. And it's a daily comfort and hygiene procedures.