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It's in the pipe or who is responsible for the condition of the intra house gas networks in the Dnipropetrovsk region

Prevention is the main way to prevent malfunction. So in many ways. No exception, and in-house gas network. This part of the system from the valve at the entrance to the house - all the gas pipes on the facades of buildings and inside apartments, and it is in-house networks. They belong to the condominiums - that is the common property of all residents.

Previously, they were on balance of local councils and maintenance companies - Zheks. And the responsibility for their maintenance was assigned to gas distribution companies. However, this service decided to monopolize and gas consumers were given the opportunity to choose a contractor on their own.

In 2018, the energy Ministry cancelled the order №35 "On approval of the Regulations on the procedure of technical maintenance of domestic gas supply systems of residential houses, public buildings, businesses, domestic and municipal purposes" from 1997. And in may of 2019 entered into force the law "On housing and communal services". It clearly stated that maintenance and repair of intra house systems of gas supply is carried out by co-owners (st14, p. 3). The service provider can be any company chosen by the owners, which has the necessary permissions to carry out works with gas equipment. The licensing of companies by the State service for labour.

In the "Dnepropetrovskgaz" repeatedly informed clients about changes in legislation that occurred in may 2018. Regular meetings with owners of multifamily housing, and local authorities took place in Yellow Water, the city of Apostolovo district and Ingulets Krivoy Rog. During these activities the experts of the gas company it was noted that in accordance with the Code of distribution networks, all gas consumers shall be with the GDS Operator, the act of differentiation of balance accessory and operational responsibility of the parties. The act indicates the point of demarcation of the owners of the pipeline and the point of differentiation of responsibility of the parties for the safe operation of networks. This gives the owner the right to dispose of their gas networks and choose a contractor for their maintenance and repair.

"In the area of licensing of activities of JSC "dnepropetrovskgaz" is more than 7,000 high-rise buildings. Of them - only 5000 were acts of differentiation and only 1200 homes have contracts for maintenance. This service includes inspection, leak test of pipelines and their connections, network test pressure, maintenance of switching devices (or valves), etc. today, most call emergency gas service 104 associated with leaks due to the human factor (unauthorized intervention, violation of rules of use) and with long service life. In simple terms, the deterioration of the networks. Housing and all networks (not only gas, but also water, electricity, heating) is not new and require maintenance and repairs. This issue is primarily safety," says chief engineer of JSC "dnepropetrovskgaz" Alexander Makarenko.

the Cost of maintenance depends on their type and scope - length of networks, number of devices, their type and maintenance period, and is calculated individually for each client and households.

the company hopes that by the beginning of the heating season in the region will be concluded 100% of the contracts for maintenance of internal networks and the security of gas supply will be carried out on a regular basis.