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Peculiarities of technology of hardening of metal

A Special kind of metal processing thermal method is called quenching. It allows you to give the material greater strength, wear resistance and hardness. This is an important process, which is necessary in the production of diverse parts. It depends on the practicality of the elements, their strength and durability.

NPP "RICH" provides services in thermal working with steel. Experts make reliable, rugged, durable products. In the process, the master gives the products the desired properties that are optimal for specific tasks set by the customer. Another important aspect is the fact that hardening of the metal allows to obtain a homogeneous structure, and also to remove the internal stress and stabilize the part shape.

NPP "RICH" performs work using their own equipment of high productivity and using proven technology base. The maximum mass of one object being processed is 2000 kg with dimensions 900h1100 and 750h1600. The working process takes place under the careful supervision of craftsmen, so high quality finished products guaranteed.

the Characteristic features of the Meaning of technology is to by using high temperatures to change the structure of the crystal lattice of the metal, or dissolving the elements present within the material at low temperatures. With rapid heating, the steel may be a little "crackle" on the surface and inside there are small cracks.

the Process is performed in several stages, adhering to the temperature 300 ⁰C and 600 ⁰C. In addition to alignment over the entire area of the discharge metal occurs structural deformation of the crystal lattice and a gradual transition to radically different types of the internal structure.

At the end of cooling is performed in a certain way. For example:

water; oil; polymer environment; direct the jet of cold compressed air masses. If the item should be placed in an oil bath, then use special pliers with extra long handles. Also safety need to use a face mask exclusively with tempered glass to preserve the view. In this case gloves and clothing are bound to have refractory properties as prescribed safety precautions when working with high temperatures.

What kind of steel are hardened by heating followed by instantaneous cooling inside the material changes the structure. The hardness can be increased only in those cases when a contains greater than 0.4% carbon. With a smaller percentage is "pokalyvanie" — a small change of hardness. Despite this hardening of low carbon steel is also possible. While chrome and other alloying elements substitute for carbon in the structure of the crystal lattice, increasing the hardenability of the material.

high-alloy steel with carbon content is favorable for rapid cooling, increasing the ability of the metal to the quenching. However, that process was made possible, requires complex speed cooling system, and a high-temperature vacation.

the properties of steel after quenching With increasing temperature with a rapid decrease within the material there are certain structural changes that affect the technical characteristics of steel. For example:

increases the hardness and strength; reduced flexibility and ductility; improves resistance to abrasion; reduced resistance to fracture. All this shows the effectiveness of the hardening process of the metal. If you are interested in this service, please contact NPP "RICH". The wizard will perform quality work in a short period of time.