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Quote #462374 12.08.2020 at 06:46

Book Runet

My cat after rearrangement of furniture (replacement beds on the couch) for some time could not believe it, and performed a ritual obleganie of the room, hoping to get last version of reality.

at First it was like the cat ran out of the hallway, jump up on the window sill, ran it, it went over to the computer Desk, he jumped on the bed.

here is the bed replaced.

the cat began - a window sill, table, KRO... - oops, something is wrong.

Shook her head, jumped down from the table onto the floor, back into the corridor.

Fled, and the new - a windowsill, a table, a CRO... but again not something.

have Done for 2-3 sets, then disappointedly went to the kitchen to the bowl.

a Week to reboot, then finally propedeutica somewhere inside and resigned to the sofa.

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