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How to whistle with two fingers?

News-Land latest news 14.08.2020 at 12:00

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Epic hero Nightingale-the robber with the help of the whistle could even kill a person. Modern "whistlers", this goal is not pursued. However, nice to whistle with two fingers wish in the childhood, all the boys.

the Most persistent of the young "Nightingale the robber" grow into real masters of theatrics. Yes, this art does exist, even special tournaments are held where real professionals competing at whistling popular tunes.

though the Russians and the Ukrainians firmly believe national signs "do not whistle – money will not," and Muslims call whistle "music of the devil", are serious adults who have chosen sifflet a hobby. Want to try? In fact, learning to whistle each.

How to learn to whistle?

Ways loud whistle, there are many. The easiest is in the normal exhalation of air through the folded tube lips. Will be able to choose the correct size of the opening between the lips – will real art whistle. But most recommend to learn how to whistle with two fingers.

of Course, immediately you will not get a whistle, but no need to despair. Observe the following rules:

1. Before training whistle take care of hand hygiene. Wash them thoroughly with soap and water.

2. Try to rotate the lip to close the teeth of the upper and lower fully.

3. Pick a comfortable location of your fingers. There are several variants:

medium and large; thumb and forefinger; two thumbs on both hands; two of the little finger of both hands; the two middle fingers.

Every person is different, so experiment with what position you do the most darling lip to nail looked at the language centre. The fingers are positioned while in the middle of the distance from edge to the center of the mouth.

4. Learn to ask the right language. The tip should be back so it almost touched bottom. From the teeth the tongue must move to the distance of about a centimeter.

5. Experiment with controlling the flow of air that needs to get to the skos language. Only then will a full whistle. Make a big slow breath and exhaled sharply. If you just do not come out shrill and loud whistle, try the easy blowing.

Learning to whistle, you will eventually be able to amaze friends and acquaintances with interesting melodies. And for those who are superstitious advises not to whistle lightly to conserve finances, report that in Finland the whistle is a friendly form of greeting. And one of the masters of whistling is considered to be a famous writer Mikhail Veller, who cannot be called a frivolous man.

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