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Story No. 3, August 15, 2020

A dozen new stories. Anecdotes from Russia. 14.08.2020 at 21:00

Jokes from Russia - the most funny jokes, stories, sayings and phrases, poems, cartoons, and other humor. Go from 8 November 1995. Compiler Dima Verner

How I treated teeth.

it Happened story with me in 1996, the year I came back from the army and in the fatal accident was forgotten in the military part of the passport. So it was that when I called in the Russian tradition of arranged wires and usually in the morning a deranged drunk. But my mother the man from the USSR fearing that I for this reason will not be called, collected me responsible and also put my passport in the bag. Still don't understand how he left me, as all the colleagues say that have passed him in the military. But it was not there in part I arrived with the passport, and told me to put it in an envelope and hand in to headquarters. And of course after two years service when I was discharged I about him and remembered. But the story is not about that. In General, I came with the army of the passport, the passport office sent a request to the military unit, but no response to any greeting. And as this was 1996, if anyone remembers was terrible unemployment and those who worked often were paid with a delay of three months or even those that were produced by the company. In General, in this situation, when there is no money and no passport sick I have a tooth root, so ill that place itself can't find. Of course in the clinic paid can not go no money, but free do not accept without the policy, and it can't get because no passport. In short a vicious circle. Well, I ventured on the only thing that my brain went, taking out the policy my little brother(he was 14 years old) his birth certificate(fortunately there are no photos) and under the guise of like I am to make an appointment to see a doctor. All anything, Yes only it turned out that till 15 years boys and girls belong to the pediatric dental clinic. Well, nothing to do, shaved how could a cleaner face in General was an appointment grandmother at the reception looks like it was parallel to me, gave all the documents so the way it is. In General, sitting on the bench in front of the room marked "children's dental surgery" in the office living place. In line sitting girl my age and a little older( I was 21) at the hands of their children 4 to 7 years, all crying to be afraid, mom calm down, and next I'm the man with the baggage of the past hot spot that drank alcohol, smoked cigarettes the last couple of years, and besides a man in relation to the female gender(well, you know what I mean). Short sit, began to call for a shot of anesthetic, I go in the office the dentist girl is 25-26 years old is seen only as the Institute and assistant to the old lady for almost 50 years. Both stare at me, eyes searching my child, in General, a 30 second pause stopper. Well, I bahnul from the doorway: "Hello, I'm welcome to you". They look at the card and say " You are 14 years old." Don't know why, but in that situation the only thing that I could say "Yes, I'm a basketball player". I guess I still thought that doubt my age has caused my height (181 cm) and not appearance. In General, the tooth I pulled out, and was treated and it was something. The tooth was very stubborn and didn't want to leave my jaw. In General, it is 20 minutes trying to grab it with forceps and pull, but the only thing she was able to break off a piece. As a result, under the tooth they put some gizmo, and as a lever using forceps overcame it. The whole process I was watching intently looking into her eyes(very beautiful by the way), the assistant was promotive swab her sweat from his forehead every minute. Well, no wonder after the milk teeth of children, to snatch my her was not easy. The doctor certainly understood that I was not 14 years old, her eyes sparkled with humor and she got taunted. In the office was still a boy of 11 with the flux, I understand they wanted to do a problem right after me. And this boy was periodically moaning softly from the pain. Well, imagine the situation she's trying to pull my tooth and looking me in the eye and asks the boy" does it hurt Much, probably didn't sleep last night", the boy shakes his head saying no it hurts but he slept well. And she fights with my tooth looks at me and says "but the player probably didn't sleep, worked" meaning I spent the night with a girl. In General, all ended. A month later I received the new passport, with part never came the answer, had to pay a fine for the loss, by the time I'm a little managed to make some money, bought a box of chocolates and brought my Savior.

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