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You guys continue to have fun?

Club traders sMart-Lab. We make money on the exchange. 16.08.2020 at 09:35

Club traders sMart-Lab. We make money on the exchange. / RSS channel

Almost 2 months had nothing but problems and concerns.

the Result is a reliable partner and programmers now, as much as 2 pieces.

the Relatively "lucky" with a mathematician.

This "Perelman", chudit not childish, finds these relationships in building pricing models with harmonious development of the universe that becoming scared for his sanity.

however, his "math" really shows the formation of what I have found pricing models and the coincidence of his calculations, for example in the construction of an interim (external, internal) pattern matches and their recurrence and their alternation by 100%.

This means the question is in time of formation of these triangles and from a mathematical point of view, for me is almost Closed!

Me here forever "kept telling" about the recognition, respect!

Now my partner, computer programmers, mathematician — thoroughly acquainted with my system, HERE IS the REAL _) RESPECT!

Than to amuse?

AG - finally stopped completely!

Lost his "magic" formula and all he can do is to continue to fight with zero.

That fights for the third month and all the infinite sense, and maybe more will be!

it is Possible to amuse such and so (the market is not predictable!)

the Hell knows for whom he is not predictable.

the Indices

current situation

works like a clock!


"Pattern 1-2-3 "break" and testing 1-2-3 pattern — Fibo level 38,2 to 138,2 point that will meet the Fibonacci 127 projection cut black AV"

and the current situation

Then even the most stupid otritsalovo technical analysis is unlikely to be anything coherent, reasoned, mumbled in response.


clearly worked it to the flat growth to 46

good Luck to You guys in trading!

PS someone predicted that my past students will clarify and expose me, as you can see, it is coming true my prophecy — they piled from the site to hell!