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Overview of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite - an interesting srednebyudzhetnykh 01.09.2020 at 06:00

The Author's project of Alex mail

After the review I liked Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro price categories "in the area of 30 thousand" I wanted to take a review of something different price categories: from "about 20 thousand". And there is a choice I had two options: Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite and Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite. They're both in the same price category, the Mi 10 Lite is a powerful platform, but the Mi Note 10 Lite better than other characteristics (here is a comparison of the differences). And I even conducted a poll among my readers to find out what smartphone they are interesting, and there's a large margin of votes won Mi Note 10 Lite (62,1% of the votes against 13.1%), so I ordered. I myself, this model was significantly more interested in: a pricey Mi 10 Pro has disappointed me - in terms of price and quality, and Xiaomi Mi Note 10, I still consider one of the best smartphones on the market - it is the ratio of price and quality (and my wife happy with uses), so I, of course, it was interesting to learn the version of the Mi Note 10 Lite, than the Mi 10 Lite.