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Quote #462743 12.09.2020 at 05:11

Book Runet

I came Across a Chinese series about the beloved, razletevshihsya in an ancient battle. The guy fell off a ledge (this is a common place — heroes from the cliff drop?) in the water, but it was picked up by aliens and frozen for all those years. Why — and figs knows. The girl died and through this a bunch of years reborn. The journalist of morning television, has a heavy hand and a heavy character, goes to work in the jackets, does not give yourself hurt.

Well, of course, was just her first working day the aliens decided that it was time for the lab from the older designs to clean and warrior thrown in the midst of the modern world.

to Watch it I certainly will not, not like any rampant or Romanticheskij Comedy or stoned povedencheskie humor.

I Have another question: the people and how much television otpahat in the morning program to the end of the experience you have given Hiroshige Asian bienen? And count Lee plowing on a diploma?

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