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Story #3 for January 19, 2021

A dozen new stories. Anecdotes from Russia. 18.01.2021 at 21:00

Jokes from Russia - the most funny jokes, stories, sayings and phrases, poems, cartoons, and other humor. Go from 8 November 1995. Compiler Dima Verner

Like many people, I was not spared a fashionable disease called covid. Before that, I was at home from the effects of another illness. Everything was going well, with improvement. But the temperature rose. Immediately diagnosed and hospitalized in a specialized hospital. On the eighth day, I was discharged with an improvement in all tests. Now at home. My wife warned me to answer calls from unknown numbers. They will call from different organizations. The first call came from a female doctor who should be monitoring my condition remotely. I asked him not to do it again, because I need peace. With a sense of noticeable satisfaction, she immediately agreed. The next one was a guy who introduced himself as an employee of a well-known controlling and regulating organization. He gave his name, patronymic, and place of work. He warned me that the conversation would be recorded. He said that my phone also records incoming and outgoing audio calls. If anything, we will exchange and compare. I asked who I live with. He reported that he was with his wife. Specifies how I think, where I could have contracted covid. He said I don't know, and before that he was ill and did not leave the house. I do not rule out the intervention of foreign intelligence services. But I don't have exact data yet. He asked his wife's name. Said. Then, in a flash, he asked for her mobile phone number. I informed him that this was a violation of the Personal Data Act. I did not expect this from a representative of our state. After all, without the consent of a particular person to transfer his data, this is a violation of current legislation. Now I will think about where to send the recording of this conversation. The man said that he would not argue and hurriedly wished him good health. It's not bad to be sick at home, either. Although the hospital was a lot more fun.

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