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The demand for new buildings in Moscow grew in February by 30%

In February 2021 in Moscow has acquired almost 30% of apartments in buildings under construction than in the same month of the previous year, analysts estimated the "Metrium" based on new data of the Federal registration service across Moscow. Meanwhile, the demand for housing has increased at an annual rate of 7%. Also dramatically increased the activity of mortgage borrowers.

In February, the Federal registration service across Moscow registered 7.6 thousand contracts of participation in shared construction. Compared with January, the demand for housing under construction in Moscow increased by 45% in comparison with February, 2020 – 29%.

last month, it was concluded the largest number of transactions in the market in February the past 8 years. The previous record was set in February 2019 (7.2 thousand contracts equity).

to Stimulate the capital market continues the program of subsidizing of a mortgage. In February in Moscow, was issued 9.2 thousand mortgage loans for purchase and construction of housing. Compared to January mortgages increased by 54%. Relatively February 2020, when the borrowers in Moscow received 8.1 thousand credits, the demand increased by 13%.

Experts "Metrium" note that the February number of transactions exceeds the average number of mortgage loans in 2020 (8.7 thousand DDU) and in 2019 (7.5 thousand DDU). About the same as in February 2021, banks issued in July 2020, when the quarantine restrictions were mostly removed and buyers have begun to participate in the subsidy program rates.

"the Acceleration of mortgage demand is understandable, says Alex Perlin, CEO of the development company "SMU-6 Investments". – The program of subsidizing mortgage loans will end in June, if the authority makes the decision to renew it. After that, rates will rise, according to various estimates by 1-2 percentage points, that is, with the current 6-6,5% to 7-8,5%. Given the significant price growth over the past year, buying a home mortgage at a higher rate can become burdensome. So most of the buyers will try to get credit approval prior to the completion of the subsidy. The same effect was recorded in the period of validity of the previous subsidy schemes of the mortgage".

Especially quickly after the January decline was recovered market ready home in Moscow. In February, it was 12 thousand contracts of purchase and sale of housing. This is 59% more than in January and 7% more than in February 2020. Thus the secondary housing market in February grew faster than the primary, where in the second month of 2021, demand has increased by 45%.

"the Rapid growth in the number of transactions in February suggests that the first half of the Moscow housing market is "hot", says Maria Litinetskaya, managing partner of "Metrium" (participant of the partner network CBRE). – The uncertainty of the future program will encourage customers to adopt a decision about buying a home. Developers seeking to increase sales, increase range of new buildings to intercept the high demand from the competition. Banks will continue to stimulate demand for loans. In these circumstances, the most likely scenario is the growth of housing prices, which will continue at least until mid-summer."

"Metrium" – real estate brokerage and consulting company, whose activities are focused on the residential real estate market in the Moscow region. "Metrium" is a bestseller on the market. The company's portfolio consists of 180 projects of new buildings with a total area of 9 million square meters every month, the company sells an average of 30 thousand square meters of apartments and apartamentov, working with the largest developers of residential property in the region. For 2020 under the management of "Metrium" sold 350 thousand sq m – 10% of the primary real estate market in the old Moscow.

In 2019, the company "Metrium" became a "Consultant of the year" in residential real estate in the premium version of Proestate & TOBY Awards. In 2018 the "Best consultant" by the international award of the European Property Awards. In 2018, 2017 and 2016, named "Realtor of the year" by the prestigious Urban Awards. In 2016 a Realtor No. 1 (sales leader) on the results of voting of the award "records of the real estate market."

"Metrium" is a partner of CBRE – the largest company in the world providing services in the field of consulting and investment management in commercial real estate. Partnership CBRE and the "Metrium" allows to provide its customers with a full range of services, covering both commercial and residential properties, and also allows customers of companies to have access to the best the due diligence on the market.