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Facebook has temporarily frozen the page of Venezuelan President 27.03.2021 at 12:12

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Facebook froze page of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro for breaking the rules that it is forbidden to spread misinformation about coronavirus infection. The fact that Maduro promoted a cure for the disease, the effectiveness of which, in fact, not proven.

In January, Maduro described the "Curative", a mixture of thyme, a "wonderful" a means of neutralizing the coronavirus. It was also alleged that the drug has no side effects. Doctors, however, say that these statements are not backed up by science.

Facebook removed a video in which Maduro promotes a drug because it violates the policy against the false statements.

"We follow the who (world health organization) States that currently there are no drugs to treat the virus," he said on the social network. Facebook for 30 days did page Maduro read-only.