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Spitting into the void

Zadolba!whether 30.04.2021 at 05:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

A girl who is "cold as her revenge", and who are you taking revenge on?

The only person who deceived you in this story, and who had obligations to you, has already died. However, neither you nor your mother wanted to sue him for some reason. For example, the same alimony to sue.

His new family remained. For the second wife, you are nothing-a stranger, she does not have to feel sorry for you, just like her first daughter, and the younger daughter is your paternal sister, who has never seen you in her life. You're just as much an outsider to her. I won't say anything about my grandmother, but it's not about her either.

What do you want from them, from your father's second family? To be pitied? Why would they feel sorry for an outsider? To apologize? Again — for what? Because your father made a strong-willed decision to leave you and start another family? So this is his decision, and he is responsible for it.

And you start to throw your resentments at your father on them, or rather, you generally get that the father is good, and they are all bad, and they bought a dog, and held the handle, and in general. But it's not their fault. From the word completely. It's only your so-called father's fault. There should have been complaints about him.

And if the conversation was only purely about the material side of the case, they say, "I got what is required by law, I want to get money from this, I will sell to someone who will buy, and the fact that they have no money is their problem, why should I care about the problems of strangers?" - I would not say a word. But what you want is to give people as much shit as possible to get back at them. It is not clear only for what, especially for those who are not guilty of anything.

Understand that your father's choices and decisions are his choices and decisions. He has the responsibility.

All this is stupid, especially since you only make it worse for yourself, even if only by spending time on it.

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