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But there is also God's judgment

Zadolba!whether 30.04.2021 at 05:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

And I was sick of the cult of the phrase "this is not a crime".

"It is not a crime to express your opinion, and in general, we have a free country." This is told to us by a sister who came to see her grandmother, whom she has not seen for a year since entering the capital's university, about... yes, about everything! My grandmother's cooking, her love for Russian TV series, her lifestyle.

For example, my grandmother does not like and does not know how to order food delivery, it is very stressful for her, and she prefers to go to the store by herself or ask someone from the goods at the entrance — for small things like tea and cookies, they take turns and then together they drink this tea under the TV series. But it is necessary to show the sister that she, the updated and progressive, came from "just a little bit more" and the conquered capital, and in general, that the police, or what, will seize her for expressing her super-open and valuable point of view?

"Falling out of love is not a crime," says a once-close friend and comrade, my former colleague, who all his life seemed to me an adequate normal man, who left his wife and child, meeting after twelve years of family life a new love eight years younger than him and, accordingly, his wife.

And even though I wasn't particularly close to his wife, I still take her side and believe that her husband acted like a real pig, betraying a man who believed him, and so easily giving up frequent communication with the child, whom he apparently only verbally loves very much. Yes, dear, you will not be shown in the criminal chronicle report and will not even be given a suspended sentence, but the fact that your act is not a crime does not change the fact that you are a big piece of dog excrement, your moral character is completely clear to me, and I no longer see the point in communicating with you.

"Eating a cake is not a crime," my husband tells me, there are no comments at all, as they say, everyone is an evil Pinocchio to himself. Burdened with bad hereditary sores, clinical history tells us that your cakes, as well as rolls, cookies, pastilles and other things that you buy there every time you break the chain, of course, are not a crime, but they will affect the quality and duration of life. Maybe you don't care, but I wouldn't want to be left alone with two kids at about 45 years old and reassure myself that my husband wasn't a criminal, no, because cake is not a crime.

In short, nothing is a sparrow, except a sparrow, let's limit ourselves to the codes of the Russian Federation and stop being Captains of Evidence, and then we are already tired of inventing indulgences out of thin air.

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