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The wrong berry field

Zadolba!whether 30.04.2021 at 05:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Dear boring unfashionable unsportsmanlike nerd.

What did I just read?

First, it was very annoying that recently openly evil losers began to consider themselves "nerds". That is, to smart, well-read people with a high education, with an interest in science. At the same time, demonstrating a complete lack of logic, and using far-fetched "botanism" exclusively in relationships with women.

This is an interesting logical chain that has not worked for many years: a loser in a relationship means a nerd. How does this combine with sports and fashion? Or have you already completely ranked yourself among the rare geniuses of the schizoid type? I'm a nerd who works with nerds, and most of them are very trendy and sporty, and far from boring. You just don't exist in our society, so you feed on sweet myths. Or did you find a convenient excuse for yourself in this way?

Secondly, there is no description of your husband in your story. Except that it wasn't exactly boring, which is also doubtful. So, it could well be the same person as you. It is not known by what criteria the victim chose him for her husband.

Third. The victim was passed out. You frankly sit and gloat on the whole honest Internet, that she did not choose someone like you, so it serves her right? A boring, unfashionable and unsportsmanlike nerd couldn't possibly have thought of such a thing. Except, perhaps, most of the famous serial killers and maniacs, who looked very quiet and calm. And boring, yeah.

You're making fun of a woman you don't even know. I can imagine what a wave of happiness you have caused the tragedies of women who rejected you.

I'm sick of blaming women for not choosing you. In your logic, the mountain goes to Magomed. At the same time, you do not hide that you are boring and malicious. I'm afraid to imagine what you mean by "unsportsmanlike." But it's not about you, of course.

And the last thing… In 2021, nerds normally earn money for sports, and for any fashion that they like. And for the family, and for non-boring hobbies. Your picture of the world is outdated.

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