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Sad, drooping, I ride a rickshaw while the mayor's sons-in-law rush to the Maserati

Zadolba!whether 30.04.2021 at 11:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I read the angry opus of a young economist and expected her to say something clever — after all, she has been working in an Asian country for four years!

But no. As it often happens, a person does not look beyond his own judgments.

In general, I will not be clever for a long time, I will explain briefly.

Have you ever wondered why there are only two carriers in such a huge city? Why aren't there five, or even ten? There's enough work for everyone!

Why don't new taxi service providers enter this unoccupied niche of the market and cut prices during rush hour?

Where, after all, is municipal public transport? Where is the metro?

Why does the problem of passenger transportation exist in such a developed Asian country?

It is obvious that the antimonopoly law either does not apply, or does not exist at all.

It is obvious that someone from above is interested in ensuring that the situation with transport in a multi-million city is exactly like this. Is it still not clear that entrepreneurs and local authorities are at the same time?

That if the government was interested in modern low-cost transport, then it would definitely be.

But the revenue from transportation comes now, and to establish new transport relations is long, expensive, and not the fact that it is more profitable even in a few years.

Therefore, in your city there are antediluvian auto rickshaws, there are fucking taxi drivers and there is no normal transport. The state knows, but does nothing-it is unprofitable. No one cares about your comfort, as long as you pay more for your trips.

With banks, if you think about it, the same story. To put it very briefly, all, absolutely all actions of commercial structures are controlled by the state — this is its direct interest.

No, it's not obvious? Well, scold the damned capitalists further, and praise the city's leadership and pray for its health.

They did not get bored, it became sad from this native Russian habit — "to believe in a good, good tsar and bad boyars".

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