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Zadolba!whether 30.04.2021 at 11:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Hello, my name is Dmitry and I'm fucked up.

And people with sovdepovskim thinking have fucked me up.

Situation 1:

At home, the same unfortunate faucet flowed — yes, yes, as in the joke. It was Friday night, and I had just come home from work. This problem can't be solved: all the shops are closed, and we don't keep a stock of faucets at home.

The solution to the problem: I go to a well-known website, find a suitable plumber, negotiate, call up. I describe the problem to the person, give the necessary information. The plumber on the way to us buys a mixer, comes, installs, gets paid for a new mixer and for his work.

Situation 2. Buying a washing machine. You need to: remove the old one, install and connect the new one.

Solution: go back to the same site, find the master, call up. I describe the situation, dictate all the measurements, the master comes, does everything and gets his money.

There are many more similar situations, but here's what's annoying: as soon as everyone finds out about it, they immediately start wailing in a bad voice, saying, how can you do this, you are armless, a man should be able to do everything himself, and suddenly what happens and there will be no opportunity to call the master, what will you do?

Yes your OK copper! I can do a lot of things myself. And fix the faucet, and the socket, and the chandelier to change. And connect the washing machine, and nail the shelf. And even put up wallpaper. And I can do a lot of other things.

But why do I need after (or instead of) how can I do something I don't want to do when I have the opportunity to pay someone to do it for me? And yes, it didn't make my dick fall off.

Yes, I understand that in Soviet times this was not possible, I had to spin myself. But now the time is different.

People, ow, we have the 21st century and 21 years in the yard. We haven't lived under the Soviets for a long time. Wake up.

Fucked up.

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