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Two of the casket are the same with the face

Zadolba!whether 30.04.2021 at 11:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Both my husband and I have brothers who can be called problematic.

His brother is a credit addict. For the past ten years, he has been constantly holding a loan for something very "important", such as an expensive phone, a cash loan taken out to repay this loan, and even debts to relatives and friends taken out to repay the loan.

When his wife, tired of the calls from the collectors and the lack of money, left him, the first thing he did was take out another loan — for a diamond ring, to persuade her to return. Not back, smart woman. His parents had paid off all his obligations a few years ago, but he had picked up new ones. He refuses offers to help with the bankruptcy procedure, restructuring and other legal means. Help is accepted only in the format of "give money and fuck off".

Mine is easier. He's just unlucky in life. I learned to be a programmer, worked for a couple of years, and then in another crisis I found myself unemployed, while waiting for a bread job, I temporarily got a job as a computer science teacher in a school and still works there, for more than ten years. On a part-time basis, because they do not give a full-time job without a teacher education. And he does not want to receive this education, because he considers this work temporary.

In his work, he is not satisfied with literally everything. Children are stupid and arrogant, colleagues are even worse, money is not enough, and there is a lot of stuff for reporting. And any conversation with him eventually comes down to this. How can I help you? Should I borrow money for advanced training courses or recommend a career consultant who helped me and my husband a lot at the time?

Nooo, he does not want to take courses after work, because he will get tired, he does not believe in career consultants. But if I give up my share of my parents ' apartment in his favor, because I'm lucky, and he's unhappy, he will be quite satisfied.

The apartment, if anything, is a former communal apartment for two families, and what has now become my share, was bought from the neighbors by me and my husband. We are not oligarchs, for this we had to deny ourselves a lot of things. That is, on the part of the brother it turns out in fact the same thing "I will not change anything, but you give me money and fuck off".

Our brothers are nothing alike — they have almost twenty years of age difference, they grew up in completely different families, have different looks and characters, only for some reason they are completely the same.

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