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I turn on the brains, for free

Zadolba!whether 30.04.2021 at 11:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Hello, I am a "techno-wanker who is waiting for the moment when artificial intelligence will do everything for me". Being a programmer with a lot of experience, and also very well versed in artificial intelligence, I will say right away: it has absolutely nothing to do with it. But the natural one is clearly not enough for someone!

Of course, the program should be on the child's smartphone, and it should be extremely simple: double-clicking on the icon should trigger both a call to the police and a siren. And parents should teach the child in which cases to run the program, and here it is "better to overdo it than not to overdo it" — that is, it is better to pay the police for a false call than to risk it.

"What should I do if the child is too young and doesn't understand what's going on?" Not to leave such a child alone, what else? And if a small child without any pedophiles gets hit by a car — will you scribble angry opuses against motorists?

"What should I do if the child is immobilized, the phone is taken away, or it is dead?" Nothing anymore. Did I promise you full protection from kidnappings? I didn't promise. Teach your child to watch the phone and keep it charged, this will increase their chances of escape. If you teach them how to run the program without taking your phone out of your pocket, these chances will become even higher.

You say, "the sound of a siren is an idea for the IG Nobel Prize", because it "instantly reminds the rapist that the gadget should be taken away and thrown into the nearest river"? Yeah, but the program has already sent a distress signal to the police along with the coordinates of the phone. And all the vigilant citizens, of course, are already running to find out what's wrong. In practice, 99% of rapists in such a situation will simply run away, and that's what the siren is for! And to run away, dragging a resisting child, is extremely inconvenient.

And there is no need to "politely remind that not every Russian family has money for a smartphone"! The cheapest smartphone costs 4500r, and you can buy a used one even cheaper. And if a family doesn't even have that kind of money, then it probably doesn't have it for food, but it does have it for vodka, and you just have to take the children away from such families. By the way, every year there are cheaper smartphones.

Yes, "wise thoughts followed me, but I was faster" — I had even wiser ones. No need to "notify the channel administrator", and he will not have to "promptly post photos": all photos of the child must be uploaded in advance by his parents through another application associated with the "alarm button"application. At the moment when the child activates the alarm app, his saved photos and the coordinates of his phone are published in the channel! That is, even if the phone is "taken away and thrown into the river", the search for the child will already be launched. The channel administrator will only have to CANCEL the search if the situation calms down.

What should I do if an altruistic driver doesn't subscribe to the channel? As before, nothing. Because he's not an altruist, and he's not going to call the police. But a lot of concerned drivers will sign up, and the chances of the abducted children to be rescued will increase.

The conclusions are obvious: you do not understand anything not only in artificial intelligence, but also in ordinary applications for smartphones, but, unfortunately, you do not hesitate to be rude.

Fucked up!

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