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#odengahprosto: how to choose a tariff for a novice entrepreneur themes of the day 17.06.2021 at 21:01

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Does the bank help to register an individual entrepreneur, is it possible to open an account remotely, is there free accounting? These and other nuances are included in the checklist for choosing the best bank for your business.

The relationship between an entrepreneur and a bank begins with the opening of a current account. With its help, the company will pay for the goods and services of counterparties and receive money for the sale of its goods and services itself. Banks offer entrepreneurs packages of cash and settlement services (RKO).

The expenses for RKO consist of a fixed service fee and commissions for conducting certain operations. Therefore, when choosing the RKO tariff, you should pay attention to the commissions for the most important operations for you.

Here are the main operations that are included in the RKO package offers:

Cash withdrawal. Pay attention to this parameter: many banks have a high commission for the withdrawal of earned funds. You can withdraw cash from the current account at the bank's cash desk or at an ATM — from a personal or corporate card. Withdrawal from the card, as a rule, is cheaper. Transfers to individuals. Such operations will be useful for paying salaries to employees. Small companies with a staff of up to ten people most often do not use the salary project and transfer money directly to employees ' cards. Payments to accounts of other banks. You will need them to pay for rent, utilities, as well as for settlements with contractors and contractors. Receipts from counterparties. The most inspiring type of operations: this is how funds from customers and counterparties are credited to your account. Most often, this operation is free of charge, but in some banks, these receipts may also be subject to a high commission. Cash deposit. It can be useful if you need to make an urgent payment-for example, to pay a rent or pay off a partner-and there is not enough money on the business account. Acquiring. A POS-terminal is a device that allows you to accept non-cash payments from individual cards and receive funds immediately to the current account. The installation of such a terminal will increase sales and increase customer loyalty: according to the Central Bank, the share of non-cash payments in Russia in 2020 was about 70%. The bank sets an additional commission for renting a terminal.

What else to pay attention to when choosing an RKO:

The reliability of the bank. The bank for cooperation should be chosen carefully. Read the latest news about it. Study its financial condition and pay attention to the ratings assigned by rating agencies. We also recommend reading reviews about the work of the bank — for example, in the" People's rating " of .Fast and convenient account opening. Some banks offer a simplified process of opening an account: you will need a minimum package of documents and will not have to go to the bank's office — the manager will deliver the contract to your home. A long operating day. More often than it may seem, there are situations in business when payment needs to be made urgently, day in and day out. To avoid nervous situations, pay attention to the hours of the bank's operating day. All operations on the account — both receipts and transfers-are carried out only during these hours. If you did not have time to make a payment at this time, you will have to wait for the next business day. Convenient mobile and Internet banking. In them, you will perform all operations on the account, so their functionality and convenience of the interface are of great importance. Before choosing a bank, look at the evaluation of the bank's applications and read reviews about the Internet solution for business. Additional business support. Banks offer their clients automated solutions that can greatly simplify the life of aspiring entrepreneurs. Such solutions include, for example, checking counterparties for risks and electronic document management. How does it work?

You can quickly and conveniently choose the most favorable tariff for you using the RKO selection calculator on .

Let's imagine that we, as an individual entrepreneur, are opening a small business in the field of sales of consumer products. The room is removable — you will need to pay rent and utilities. The store will employ four people, to whose cards we will transfer the salary. You will also have to pay with suppliers and contractors. We plan to receive the main amount of funds from customers-in cash and through a POS-terminal. Let's not forget that it is important to be able to withdraw cash from the account, and in emergency situations — to bring them back.

In the RKO selection calculator, we set the average values for the month in each field:

receipt to the account from counterparties — 400,000 rubles; cash deposit via a business card or cash register — 100,000 rubles; number of payments to accounts of other banks-10; cash withdrawal — 200,000 rubles; transfers to accounts of individuals-150,000 rubles.

You can sort the offers in ascending/descending order of the cost of service or see which of them are most popular on the site. You can add the tariffs you are interested in to the list for comparison in order to more clearly study the difference in the cost of each of the parameters.

Based on the results of the calculation, we have a selection of the most profitable tariffs for our store*:

Rusnarbank-Progress: 2,290 rubles per month

Low commission for cash withdrawal through the cash register. At the same time, withdrawing from a business card is more expensive than in other banks from the list. Opening an RKO is possible without visiting the bank, the account is reserved immediately. It is impossible to register an individual entrepreneur through a bank. Trading acquiring is provided only from a partner.

Just a Bank — " Just|Shopping": 2,500 rubles per month (instead of 4,490 rubles - under the "Free service until 30.06.2021"promotion)

High limit of free cash withdrawal from a business card. The RKO is opened remotely, the account is reserved immediately. It is impossible to register an individual entrepreneur through a bank. The cost of trade acquiring is from 1.4% per operation, the terminal rental fee is calculated based on monthly turnover.

VTB - "All inclusive": 3,000 rubles per month (instead of 4,900 rubles - for the promotion "The first 3 months of service is free")

60 payments per month-free of charge. Free income transfers to your account for sole proprietors. A fixed percentage for withdrawing cash from a business card. Free accounting for sole proprietors and companies that do not have employees. The cost of trade acquiring is from 1.4% per operation, the terminal rental fee is calculated based on monthly turnover. Opening an RKO is possible without visiting the bank, the account is reserved immediately. Registration of an individual entrepreneur through a bank is available.

* Calculations for tariffs are given as of 09.06.2021.

Elena SHAPKUN, expert on RKO