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If writers were good businessmen, they would be smart enough not to be writers

Zadolba!whether 30.06.2021 at 05:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Hello, dear fans of good books.

I am a popular writer. Most likely, you have read my books. I publish solid editions. There are people who love my books, who are looking forward to them-thank you, and a low bow to you. And there are those who mercilessly criticize them. And you know, I... agree with you.

Not because I write poorly. This is not so at all. Because there are objective reasons for your criticism.

Judge for yourself: there is such a writer, Donna Tartt. Her book "The Secret History" is 37 author's sheets. She wrote it for 10 years. I am generally silent about how long J. R. R. Martin has been writing "The Winds of Winter".

I recently finished writing a novel in 12 author's sheets. I wrote it for two months. TWO MONTHS (if you knew how much I want to swear now). To stay afloat — to pay for communal services, to buy food, clothes, to get the children to school — I need to pass FIVE such novels in a year.

But that's not all — in order for my books to sell, I have to hold a lot of different events — meet with respected readers, participate in exhibitions, sell my face on TV, sit on the jury of competitions where my vote does not decide anything, because the winners are appointed in advance…

If you think that someone is paying me for this — you are mistaken. All by myself, all by myself. And what is the result? We need not five novels anymore, but ten. Or I can't pull my belt up to the most.

You say that I have banal typos in my books. Yes! Because, with six declared editors, I do all the editorial work myself. I'm sorry, but writing a novel in 12 author's sheets in two months and subtracting it is not the easiest task. If you don't believe it, try it. If you succeed — I will be only glad, I love good literature, however, I haven't read anything for a long time — there is no time.

I often hear that our literature is of poor quality. Sometimes they speak more harshly. It's true. But don't blame us, the writers, for that. Look for the culprits elsewhere, okay? Where there is a lot of money from book sales. Which we, writers, do not see.

All the best and more good books.

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