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Don't bite the giving hand, so that you don't have to lick the kicking boot

Zadolba!whether 30.06.2021 at 05:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Dear you, our author of the story "Stragglers from the train of Life", who considers all entrepreneurs thieves, exploiters and parasites. Are you even aware that most of the big business in our country is not state or municipal?

And it is on the taxes of this private business that our state exists. And it is just a large and medium-sized private business, and not a state one, that is the most attractive from the point of view of employment: white salary, social package, vacation on schedule and other buns?

Here you give a quote from Henry Ford — did he work at a state enterprise?

Of course, business owners are far from angels: the remuneration of hired personnel is in any case focused on the labor market, and no one will raise it, caring only about the public good. If you save on payment, people will start leaving, this is also not good. So it turns out a certain balance of interests of owners and hired personnel.

As for the efficiency of work for the state: here we have two large oil companies, one private, the other state-owned. Guess who has a profit and who has losses, under equal conditions.

Yes, there are different owners, but basically going into the shadow economy is typical for a part of small businesses, those that provide services to the population: there is direct access to money and there is a great temptation to hide part of the proceeds from the all-seeing eye of the state. Moreover, it is even easier to do this with non-cash: instead of paying through a terminal, the buyer transfers money from card to card.

Yes, this is wrong, but again, any entrepreneur takes into account the risks. The lower the tax burden, the higher the price of the risk of tax evasion through various schemes. These are the basics of economic science.

And I still don't understand why you are so concerned about the lack of people willing to work for an entrepreneur for a salary in an envelope. What's the sadness to you? There will be no takers-the entrepreneur will do something. Or the business will close. There will be no more bloodsucker and parasite in the labor market.

Enjoy the fulfillment of your bright dream.