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Don't create an idol for yourself out of the blue

Zadolba!whether 30.06.2021 at 05:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

And I was just a little sick of worshiping Harry Potter.

Yes, this is a good book for middle and high school age. The key word is school. And I'm not saying this at all because there are wands and robes: there are a lot of good fantasy, where there are even more robes, but the books are absolutely not for children. However, "Harry Potter" is a representative of teen literature, and, like most teen literature, follows standard rules.

First, we need to get rid of parents: after all, something interesting rarely happens to teenagers if there are parents nearby who care about the safety of their child. So the parents are killed. Or they get seriously ill, or get lost, or they treat the child so badly that he runs away from home. If there are so many children in the book that it is problematic to kill all the parents, then the existing parents simply ignore the fascinating dangers that lie in wait for their child at every corner: for example, they continue to send him to school, where every year new cataclysms in which teachers and students die.

Secondly, the main character is the Chosen One. He does not accidentally get into trouble and does not accidentally manage to get out of them without damage: something in his biography makes him special, and some incomprehensible forces protect him, because on the one hand, he regularly hangs by a thread from death, and on the other hand, his fate is, of course, predetermined, and nothing terrible will happen to him, of course, will not happen.

Thirdly, the adults in the book are mostly decorative. Such NPCs. According to the plot, they seem to be powerful and wise, but in practice their actions are used by the author exclusively to build challenges for children who save the world. At the right moment, they can be attracted as a piano in the bushes, so that they give the children an Important Artifact, or arrange an Escape at the Last Moment, or pathetically sacrifice their lives so that the main character can continue to save the world. And if you don't understand why powerful adults can't cope with the Great Evil on their own, using the same artifact, for example, and not involving teenagers in this matter… Then see the previous paragraph: the main character is Chosen and Special, and only he can save the world.

To get acquainted with the basics of this genre, you don't even need to read teen literature: it's enough to watch a group of children aged 7-12 who play out some adventures with each other, or read stories that your younger brother or sister write "on the table". Here you will see both terrible misfortunes that children are forced to fight, and useless adults who seem to exist in prehistory, but leave children the right to take on most of the problems, and an abundance of sudden insights and overshadowing with brilliant ideas for defeating evil…

All this does not mean that Harry Potter does not deserve to be read: this is a great way to have fun, practice English, or just relax. After all, literature should not be hard labor: that's why art books exist to entertain us. But " Harry Potter "is not about" life " in any way: on the contrary, it is about another world that plays by simplified rules, which we use for escapism from our life. It is normal to consider these books easy and effortless, they were written for this purpose. To consider someone who has read a more complex work as a more skilled reader is also not snobbery, this is an objective reality.

And you don't have to read" War and Peace " either, if you don't like it.