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The pearls are not visible because of the thick layer of water. But it is clearly visible that floats on the surface

Zadolba!whether 30.06.2021 at 11:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Good afternoon, I also live in a large Russian city: six hundred thousand people, a few train hours from Moscow.

Every year we have a city day. Beer, mate, cigarette butts and bottles, car dramas. The last time the garbage was removed promptly in a day, but it was very sad to walk along the central streets at night. Does this make the citizens and visitors of the city bad people?

Every year, our major universities conduct initiation into first-year students: they go to the forest with tents, entertainment, competitions and alcohol. In the evening, horror sets in: former schoolchildren have reached freedom, too much alcohol has been drunk and drunken songs begin, smoothly turning into conflicts and scandals, the forest is torn apart, garbage is everywhere. In the morning, many girls experience bitter regret. Not everyone will be able to find their phones and wallets. Does this make all students bad people?

Periodically, the city holds a music festival. Again, noise, mat, conflicts, too loud music, flashed too undressed girls and very informal personalities. They live in nature far away from people, but if you didn't guess about the Festival and decided to relax nearby with a tent, it's better to pack up and make your feet, because some drunk company will definitely decide to get to the bottom of it or arrange a crash-break. Does this make all music lovers and visitors to music festivals bad people?

I don't understand why there are still people who face a particular manifestation and extend this manifestation as a principle to the whole group. All the townspeople are terrible pigs, because there are pigs among the townspeople? All the students are reckless and irresponsible drunks, because there are such among them? Are all music fans rioting because there are such fans?

God, of course not. It's just that you notice bright manifestations, whose number increases with the increase in the group. In a crowd of twenty people, two people will shout drunken songs, and it will seem to you that they are a very ill-mannered couple. If ten people in a crowd of a hundred people shout drunken songs, the whole crowd will already seem noisy. But if you say that there are stereotypical bikers, it will not sound so caustic.

It is much more interesting to say that all or most bikers are stereotypical.