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I was born to make a fairy tale come true, and those who interfere — dust

Zadolba!whether 30.06.2021 at 11:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I live in a magical world. I have a special strength in it — men who believe that another person does not understand a language other than brute physical force, suddenly find this very language next to me. They begin to avoid conflicts, they become polite, they begin to respond to verbal rudeness with it, they leave the aggravation of the situation or even get divorced.

But the matter, of course, is exclusively in magic. The fact that my height is 208 centimeters, weight is 105 kilograms, and the experience of martial arts is a little more than twenty years, has nothing to do with this. I myself have never in my life raised my hand to a person first outside of sparring, and I hope never to do it — but the magic keeps working and working. But as soon as I appear next to you-and POOF! A man discovers the abilities of a polyglot in 99 cases out of 100.

I started checking this at school, when it turned out that a girl could show sympathy without bringing her to tears with buttons on the desk and gum in her hair. Then there was my father — when I went to study, and my mother got sick, he began to behave not very decently. When I arrived for the holidays, I found her beaten up, and then it turned out that the irritation from the need to take care of a person with disabilities can be expressed in other ways! Divorce, for example.

The student at the party immediately remembered that the refusal of a pretty classmate can be accepted with polite regret, and not an attempt to drag her into an empty room. The husband of a friend who earned as much as she did, but who started a very expensive hobby called "betting" in the fifth year of marriage and continued to demand meat to the table every day with his fists — well, they began to reproach him for lack of money! — I also remembered about divorces. Even a drunk uncle in the store who tried to hit the cashier for refusing to sell him vodka after hours-and he remembered the human language!

And if I had a slightly worse opinion of men — I would have thought that such as you kitchen boxers are just pathetic and miserable cowards who can only raise their hand against those who are weaker than them. And that by responding to insults with beatings, they only prove that these insults are absolutely fair. And it doesn't matter if you were insulted, your parents (someone raised such carrion?) or your children — it is unlikely that you are able to raise something more worthy than yourself.

But I can't be so unfair and think so badly, so magic.

Or can I?