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Sun-like stars turned out to be "murderers" of their planets 31.08.2021 at 09:36

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An international team of astronomers has studied more than 100 binary systems with sun-like stars. It turned out that from a quarter to a third of such stars sooner or later absorb their planets.

The fact is that solar-type stars are quite similar in chemical composition. However, sometimes there are differences. They may be due to the fact that the star is absorbing its own planet and now contains its heavy elements.

Scientists have found out that in 33 of the studied 107 star systems, one of the stars has an increased iron content. This means that once the stars absorbed one or more planets with iron. Computer simulations have shown that such events occur with 20-35% of solar-type stars.

Overall, we were lucky. Our Sun doesn't seem to have absorbed any planets. Their orbits were almost circular. However, many other similar stars lead a more turbulent life.