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How thin Pugacheva? Hot news 2013.

Forum recipes. - The morning news 08.04.2013 at 15:11

Forum recipes. -

In recent times the company has been actively discussing the magic transformation of Alla Borisovna. It not only changed her hairstyle, but also became much thinner. Inspired by the successes of the prima Donna of the Russian stage now all sit not on the "Kremlin" diet, and the "pugachevskoy". However, her recipe for a long time remained a mystery. Today, for all of the idols of Alla Pugacheva, as well as for those wishing to become slender, our forum will tell you the secret of the miraculous figure of the legendary singer.

file1856906_do-posle-1-2.jpg (Size: 86.26 KB / Downloads: 24) Slenderness Primadonna immediately noticed her fans and journalists. The Internet began to carry screaming headlines with the assumptions. Someone claimed that the secret of rapid weight loss the singer is in fish, but also in the fact that the food should be consumed only seafood. Others went to buy the magic disk with 25 frame, which was supposed to help lose weight without dieting without getting up from the couch. Third, believe in the magic power of the activated coal. Each of them was far from the truth, and concise answers Alla Pugacheva only added rumors.

The journalists managed to find out the details of the Transfiguration of Alla Pugacheva. When she was asked about the reason for her weight loss she said briefly: «Once the shooting on the nose so where did she go?...». At that time really had been planned shooting of "Christmas meetings", on which Pugacheva seemed fine. Is not possible to deny the fact that Alla Borisovna lost at least 10 pounds.

«Eat less, drink more, go...» - that way, the prima Donna of the described her super-diet. The journalists decided to check this information and found the maid Pugacheva. A woman named Lucy told me that the secret is ... buckwheat! Even more improbable than the statement of the housekeeper, was the recipe of its preparation. "A little put cereals, a little vegetable oil, salt and let brewing, only it must be good wrap and shelter," says Lucie.

Then, the information on a rigid diet, which followed Alla Pugacheva, denied the people of the close environment prima Donna. They stated that, in fact, the artist allegedly passed a special course microwave liposuction in the clinic of aesthetic medicine on Rublevka.

According to the new methodology skin immediately reduced and adjusted to the new forms. This procedure does not require the application of the General anesthesia, and the rehabilitation period is about a week. Physicians themselves make no secret of the fact that in their clinic took a course of weight loss prima Donna of the Russian stage: "Therefore, if you want to lose weight, as Pugacheva, at first, make an appointment to see the doctor. Then will have to pass tests, and on the basis of their results, you will select the best procedure". - have informed in the clinic of the journalists of "Express"newspaper.

Let's remind, that recently Pugacheva closed his official website, and all other resources, who advise on behalf of the singer's video and ridiculous diets for quick weight loss without effort, are a common fraud. Now, what this says about the singer's lawyer: "... Alla Borisovna has nothing to do with this information of any relationship and, accordingly, this information is a fake and is located out of considerations of deception of consumers. Now that's what I can say as a lawyer, and once again I want to stress that no recipes and diets Alla Borisovna no one offers and, moreover, does not sell".