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Uralskie pelmeni. May-On! (2013) SATRip

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Information about the film

Name: Nelly. May-On!

Original name: Nelly. May-On!

Release year: 2013

Genre: show humor

Director: team "Uralskie pelmeni"

Cast: Dmitry Brekotkin, Sergey Ershov, Sergey Isaev, Sergey Kalugin, Vyacheslav butchers, Sergey Netievskiy, Alexander Popov, Andrei Rozhkov, Dmitry Sokolov, Maxim Yaritsa, Julia Mikhalkov

About the film: Spring is the best time for everything new. Somebody satisfied with the General cleaning of the apartment or in his, zahlamlennom during the winter, garage. Someone ennobles territory on their plots of land and suburban areas, and someone went to the store. «Uralskie pelmeni» will teach you how to properly conduct spring weekend to be in a good mood all summer.