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Facade thermopanels

Facade thermopanels with the ceramic tiles in Kazakhstan 13.05.2013 at 08:26

Facade thermopanels with the ceramic tiles in Kazakhstan

Although the facade thermopanels appeared not so long ago in the Kazakhstani market of building materials, but they have already managed to attract attention, becoming one of the top-selling of construction materials. Distinctive feature of the facade thermo-panels is their ability to raise the insulating properties of the building and at the same time, serve as excellent decorative coating.

The second name of this finishing material - clinker thermopanels. They have two layers: the inner thermal insulation, consisting of polyurethane foam or foamed polystyrene, and outer decorative surface presents facade ceramic tiles.

Mount facade thermopanels can be almost any surface (wood, brick, concrete, metal and other). The main thing that it was strong enough, because the panels are attached directly to the wall. If the working surface has roughnesses, it is mounted crate, after which produces the Assembly of facade thermo-panels. Positive moment is the ability to install under any weather conditions.