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Little-known details about cats

All the news 15.08.2013 at 09:09

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Not so much in the nature of the animals, of which seem to know everything, they are millions of years with a man, but still remain a mystery. This cat. Today about these amazing creatures.

26 facts about cats

1. During the stalking of prey cat keeps his head horizontally at the same level, while the dogs and people shake their heads up and down.

2. Cats mostly right-handed, and cats mostly left-handed. An interesting fact is that 90% of people are right-handed, and the remaining 10 percent are left-handers, and they are mostly men.

3. A cat does not descend from a tree upside down, because all the claws on its feet are in the same direction. So the cats have to go down from a tree backwards.

4. Scientists believe that the cat can pronounce consonants: m, n, g, x, f, century

5. Cats can reproduce up to 100 different sounds, and the dogs only 10.

6. Brain cats, unlike dogs, more like a human brain. Cats and people have identical areas of the brain responsible for emotion.

7. During the Spanish Inquisition, Pope innocent VIII recognized cats embodiment of the devil and thousands of cats were burned. This led to the growth of the population of rats that have exacerbated the effects of the epidemic of plague, nicknamed as "black death".

8. According to legend, Noah prayed to God to help protect all the food in the ark from the rats. In response, God did so that the cat appeared, when the lion sneezed.

9. In Siam, when was the coronation of the new king, cats rode in his carriage, at the head of the procession.

10. Short distances cat can develop a speed of about 49 km/H.

11. The cat can jump height is five times higher than its growth.

12. Cat landing on his feet almost always: balancing organs located in the inner ear cats, align the trajectory helps and tail.

13. Cats RUB about people not only because they are gentle, but also to mark their territory scent glands located around her muzzle.

14. Scientists are still arguing like a cat purring. The majority believes that the vibration of the vocal folds deep in the throat. To do this, the muscles of the larynx open and close an air corridor about 25 times per second.

15. When in Ancient Egypt the family was dying cat, family members as a sign of mourning shaved eyebrows. Cat embalmed, a mummy was placed in the family tomb or at the pet cemetery together with the mummies of mice. In 1888 more than 300 thousand mummified cats were found on Egyptian cemeteries.

16. The earliest ancestor of the modern cats lived about 30 million years ago.

17. Cat, as a rule, has 12 Usov on each side.

18. The ability of cats to find the way home attributed to the fact that cats or use the angle of the sunlight, or they have magnetized cells in the brain that acts as a compass.

19. Jaw cats cannot move sideways, so they can't chew large pieces of food.

20. Back cat consists of 53 vertebrae. Man they just 34.

21. Third cat owners think that their Pets can read their minds.

22. The most famous cat-dolgozhitelnitsey was a Puff of Texas, who died in 2005 at the age of 38. Ordinary cats can live for up to 20 years (about 96 years of person).

23. Nose cat has a unique fingerprint, as well as human fingerprints.

24. Cats can determine earthquake in 10-15 minutes before the man it feels.

25. With their cats talk 95% of their owners.

26. Cats - alien. Sure even some scientists. In their opinion, the main task of cats to watch for the beings on the Earth, and the proof of their alien origin - amazing abilities that other animals.