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Tyumen animal rights activists sent an appeal to the Governor

All the news 20.08.2013 at 05:03

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Tyumen animal defenders sent to the Governor of the region, and the speaker of the regional Duma open letter, asking him to take designed with the help of specialists Program humane regulation of the number of domestic animals.

Representatives of the Society for the protection of animals note that the use of the program to the end of the first year would have resulted in a dramatic reduction in the number of bites of homeless animals, by the end of the second year, has launched the process of reducing the number of homeless animals, by the end of the third year would help to achieve the complete elimination of reproduction of homeless animals and a sharp drop in their number. Such results to reduce the number of stray animals and reduce the number of bites as Pets and stray animals still could not achieve the perennial experimental time.

Program provides another important indicator - the reduction of costs of the budget for temporary alimony and processing of captured animals, and also to the maintenance of animals, production of which will not be possible because of their behavior or state of health. The content of such animals is possible with the help of a scientific Institute (with minimum costs) and charities (without budget at all).

Program provides:

- adoption of a regional law on mandatory registration of all private owners of animals with tagging/chipping, with administrative responsibility for violation of regulations on keeping domestic animals (free range, loss/throwing etc);

- the elimination of open garbage food waste;

- installation of containers of the closed type that will eliminate the fodder base, contributing to the growth of the number of homeless animals;

- catching of homeless animals with the release only tested on aggression, sterilized, vaccinated and that has to stop the breeding of animals on the streets, knocking down their flocks during estrus, eliminate aggression during the breeding of offspring after breeding;

- restriction of the multiplication of unnecessary Pets (organization of free sterilization for private owners of animals propaganda restriction of reproduction);

- development of a network of public and private orphanages

- provision of land and premises for the establishment of charitable shelters involved in the content of homeless animals and looking for new owners;

- development of social advertising, privivayuschey responsible contents of a pet, the «lessons of kindness» and upbringing of children in a spirit of responsibility for those who tamed.

To circulation were appended signature 2070 citizens in support of the programme, collected over the five public actions.