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Ural Teens vikormili elks were-foundlings

All the news 04.09.2013 at 10:23

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Teens engaged in equestrian sports school in the Top-Neyvinske Sverdlovsk region, were orphaned elks were-foundlings.

Pair of animals living on the territory of the stables and, according to the coach and the Director of the school of riding Mary Kallistovoy, they will remain there for life. Kallistova told that the elks were for school planted in the summer. They were seated in the box, and the age they were then estimated at about ten days. Presumably, poachers killed a mother of young ungulates, but her cubs to shoot did not dare. Anyway, moose, which received the name Einstein and rocky, it was decided to leave the school. Her students and steel guide to learn how to properly care for young elks were. It turned out that they should be fed with goat's milk every three hours. Goat's milk to get failed, and Einstein and rocky, it was decided to feed the cow.

To date, small elks grown up and hold firmly on his feet, however, more healthy was rocky. He is almost two times larger than that of his brother, who is not even changed the «children's» soft coat is much more severe. As noted Kallistova in the wild Annie, as it is called for short, would not be able to survive, because the need of constant care. From time to time it is transported by car to the vet in Novouralsk. Males elks live in pairs and in groups of three-four beasts, so as they grow up between Annie and rocky should not be conflicts. They reach sexual maturity in two years, after which they will begin a rut. In this period moose behave very aggressively and can attack people. As these threats intend to compete in equestrian sports school, unknown.